Our threadless, magnetic oil drain plug for aluminum oil pans removes in mere seconds and re-installs easily. Comment; Flag; More. and the insert a new oil drain plug-Package Included: 1 x tap 6 x oil drain plug 6 x washer Package: Oil Sump Pan Thread Repair Kit x 1 Item Specifications: Tap thread:M15 x 1.5mm Tap material:CR-MO steel Country/Region of … Use a flat screwdriver to pry up on the bolt while you are turning it. My oil plug hole recently got stripped and after investigating, it looks as if a part of thr hole broke off. Eco-Plug is the most advanced lifetime motor oil drain plug in the world. The car was going to be replaced so we wanted a cheap fix to the stripped out oil drain plug, but it keeps going. Overtighten the oil drain plug and you can strip the threads out of the oil pan. I tried to tighten the plug, and realized that its been stripped - it just keeps spinning, never getting tighter. Of course you would just replace the plug since it’s inexpensive, but repairing the oil pan is key. Thread Repair kit sizes below will repair that drain plug size. I don't know what happened but he stripped my oil pan. I had him replace the oil pan bolt... seemed easy enough. I had a Skunk2 magnetic plug in there, and I think he overtighten it. No more stripped or frozen drain plugs that could damage your oil pan. Jump to Latest Follow 1 - 10 of 10 Posts. The threads are stripped on the aluminum oil pan. Is there any easy fix? Options to repair a stripped oil drain plug. Didn’t do anything at the time as I didn’t have time, but just looked at it today and could see if was coming from oil plug. Any opinions? A stripped oil drain plug that can’t be replaced either due to it already being oversized or because the oil pan is made out of aluminum instead of steel. I noticed that there was an oil leak from the oil drain plug under the bike. I have not had any problems with this plug in the years I have used it in a neon. Ignoring a leaking oil pan it can lead to you paying thousands for a new engine, or even having a … Steel threads are approximately 3 times the tensile strength of aluminum. Any recommendations on where to buy these kits? If it is the corners of the bolt that are stripped try Vice Grips first. Almost sounds like it was cross threaded though. Their replacement plug will not work as well. In the process, the oil drain bolt threads may be stripped or the oil drain bolt head may be damaged. stripped threads in the oil pan. If this does not work use a pipe wrench. Luckily there was another more experienced tech and he made new threads on the drain hole and he suggested I use my original drain bolt. I overtightened the oil drain plug on my Sportsman 850. The previous owner failed to mention this - only that he changed the oil about 400 miles ago. TIMESERT ® PROFESSIONAL Oil Pan thread repairDRAIN PLUG THREAD REPAIR KITS : Easily repair Oil Pan stripped or leaking threads! After the oil is drained fully, spray a bit of carb cleaner on a paper towel and clean the threads in the pan. I work in a machine shop and had to repair an automotive oil pan that a guy had screwed a self tapping drain plug in and it split the hardened threads on the oil pan insert and the pan had to be removed and new insert for the pan fabricated and welded in. Universal 12MM-16MM size fits most vehicles. Oil drain plugs are what the car uses to keep oil in the oil pan. I haver never stripped one but have been told drain plugs are made softer to strip before the threads in the pan. No this is not a normal occurrence. It is used to drain the oil from your pan during an oil change. Oil plug threads stripped. I am changing my oil now and I just found out the bolt is stripped. Yesterday's oil change cost me $569 . It never leaked. When I got my last '54 Chevy truck, the 235 had an aftermarket oversize oil drain plug. Here are the four options to repair a stripped drain plug. When I put the oil drain plug in, I over tightened and stripped it. Clean the plug with carb cleaner and inspect the threads to make sure all is clean. I have take this car to the dealership for each oil change since I’ve owned it. The oil drain plug is typically located on the bottom of the engine on the oil pan. Either way is cheaper than paying the same morons that stripped it to put in a new oil pan, which you dont need. If it is the threads you will need to repair the threads and install a new plug. . These kits can be used in any vehicle where the size is available. It's rather snug while it turns. I am working on a friend's Kubota L3430. Also, the plug doesn't turn real loosely. The dealership tightened the plug too tight and stripped it. Was hoping to know if anyone had ever had the crank case apart to see if the hole is broken inside the crank case. This may also be true of any of the bolts that hold the oil pan on--and you will need to extract them, too, if … Oversize plugs can be used as a temporary solution to stripped oil pan threads but, eventually, you'll need something permanent. It still worked though, and I never changed it, although I wanted to. Changing the oil in your car requires that the oil drain bolt be removed and replaced frequently. Last week, I changed my F30 328i xDrive's engine oil. If you notice a leak at the oil plug, in some cases it can be as simple as replacing the gasket. Stripped oil pan plug - 2007 Mazda B2300. I stripped my oil pan threads :disappoin (Camry 01 V6) and I need some advise soon I can go to the dealer and get the next size drain plug and tap threads into the oil pan. Several companies make a rubber oil drain plug that fit into the By simply replacing your factory oil drain plug at your next oil change with the No-Spill™ oil drain plug, you will eliminate common draining problems including messy oil changes, stripped oil pans and overtightened plugs. Use a new copper gasket on the drain plug with every oil change. You could retap the hole and use a bigger drain plug. Last time I did an oil change, my wifes 18 y/o nephew begged me to show him how to do it. I was baffled by this, since I never (personally) changed the oil, and have no clue why the drain plug would be other than the … Is there a nut on the inside of the pan with threads in it also? Install a new plug. We have a 2000 road king flhpi and one of the plugs for the transmission /oil pan is stripped. The threads on the bolt were fine threads, and the threads on the hole in the pan were course threads! Machined from solid brass bar stock, the No-Spill™ Drain plug can be handled even with a hot engine. Posted by joe_arroyo50 on Aug 22, 2010. What most of our customers do in the event of their oil pan threads getting stripped is re-tap their pan threads to the next size up. Damaged oil pan threads are a pain and buying a new oil pan is expensive. I was told today that the threads in my Oil Pan were stripped and that it was from normal wear and tear and that I would need to replace the Oil Pan to the tune of $700.00. This revolutionary 12MM drain plug with tapered, self-tap thread fits snugly into stripped oil pans, eliminating costly pan replacement and preventing leaks from ill-fitting plugs. So I picked up a new bike today. In order to change the oil, you need to first drain the old oil and to do that, you have to take off the oil drain plug.But sometimes an oil drain plug becomes stuck because the oil has not been changed in a very long time or sometimes it is simply because someone over tightened it the last time they serviced the vehicle. What seems more likely is that either the threads on the plug are just stripped and worn out or the oil pan threads (hopefully not) are stripped. Print this page; Share this page × Ad. The drain plugged is stripped, however, and we didn't proceed with the change as we didn't know if the bolt would securely fit back in. If the car is new, it does not require much effort to open it, but if the threads are destroyed, there can be many problems. If it is the threads that are stripped, again, use vice grips. Once that happen, you’ll leak oil. Clicking this will make more experts see the question and we will remind you when it gets answered. I was thinking that a time-sert repair kit might be the answer here. It is provided with a seal for tightening. Dealer suggested differential or oil pan - check to see if something was loose. Fumoto Valve has been recognized as the best oil changing tool for both individuals who conduct DIY oil changes and industrial experts or mechanics who maintain a fleet of vehicles, trucks or construction machines. The service at Harley says they would jut be a helio core into place, but I have heard that they may not work for long. I would get a new plug, dump the oil and carefully thread it in and see how it goes. Tried to get my oil changed the other day on 05 M3. Extracting a small sample of engine oil for an analysis will become as quick as turning a lever. If the bolt or oil pan have been cross-threaded, you may need a new oil drain plug. Expanding rubber oil drain plug. . This video covers the most common type of premature failure on aluminum oil pans, stripped drain plug threads, and explains some of the ways that Spectra Premium has engineered their aluminum oil pans to make stripped drain plug threads less common. How important is this service? I was afraid to take it out and see, without having another plug handy to immediately repair it. It is engineered to: 1) prevent oil pan thread damage; 2) permanently eliminate oil plan replacement; 3) attract ferrous material in motor oil; 4) extend engine life; 5) installs-uninstall in seconds; 6) resolve installation error; and 7) eliminate threadout/engine loss. A little oil was constantly dripping from it for a week. I drove it 90,000 miles like that, changing oil every 2,500 miles. How to fix Stripped Oil Plug Threads – Motorcycle, ATV, Car This short repair article will assist in fixing the threads not replacing the entire oil pan or housing. I'll let you know. The dealer said that my oil plug wasn't a VW-OEM part. If that doesn't work then reassess your options like re … Or retap the hole and try the same plug. AAAARRRRRGGGGGG!!!!!!! Has anyone done this repair before? Want Answer 0. Sheesh, way to go pal. (I believe the oil pan is stripped, because steel bot on aluminum pan.) Engine I hope this post is appropriate for this subreddit ( wasn't sure if correct flair should be Engine or Engine Cooling ); I just want to know if this is normal wear and tear on a car. I put on my torque wrench and the plug kept turning, never reaching the 18 lbs the manual says. The oil pan drain plug is a small threaded bolt, often made of aluminum. Is an oil pan drain plug threads getting stripped by the bolt "normal wear and tear"? The previous owner has stripped the 2 oil drain plugs. -Disassemble the damaged oil drain screw-Use a tool operating the tap to enlarge-the diameter of oil drain hole-Take a washer through the new oil drain-plug. I have been unable to find this oil drain plug at the local stores.

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