I’d give a gold but I’m a broke senior. Steve_nyc's AMAs: College Admissions Counselor and Founder of A2C: WilliamTheReader's AMA: Top 5 USNews University Alum, Worked in Alma Mater's Admissions Office, Part-Time Elite Admissions Consultant. 3) Trying too hard to appear creative. The Common App instructions say list your activities “in order of importance to you.” Follow this instruction. For kids who have “no story to tell” and “I’ve got no hook” but are otherwise smart and want to get into top schools especially, I think the “ideas that fascinate me” topics are underrated. Count that time. Led team to two state victories. Perhaps play up your volunteer role and move that one to the volunteer and community service section. Volunteer and community service is pretty explanatory, however, some of these activities might blend with your extracurricular activities. Common Application. List your activities in order of importance (from most to least), and list only your most important activities. How to feature research in activities of common app. Me too. Conversely, let's say you're short on space in the extracurricular activities section. Here's my guide, How to prepare for an interview: a guide by Novembrr, former UChicago admissions reader & alumna interviewer, Up Close and Personal: The Interview. Luckily, she hadn't submitted yet and we included that time into her activities list. (This is the one external source I've added so far, because it's worth it. Many students who apply to these schools have top GPAs and test scores, so extracurricular activities are one of the best ways to differentiate yourself from the rest of the … Even with room for up to 10 activities … Common Application Mistakes to Avoid 1. We support a centralized or "common" online application system for more than 800 colleges and universities worldwide that enables more than 1 million students - a third of whom are first … (Comment replies give helpful examples of how to phrase ECs), How to write your Common App and UC Activities Lists. The assumption of the admissions officers reading the application will be that the activity listed first is the most important. You have to know something about the life and work of a physician to really know if it’s for you. The u/ScholarGrade Essay series (and his extras! Travel to tournaments every weekend? ... Not just in the Personal Statement but in the activities, in the letters of recommendation, in the many supplemental essays (e.g., Why College essays) required of the vast majority of … Put your most time-intensive, most prestigious, and/or activities that most closely align with your intended major at the top of your activities list. Still, the difficulty of the challenge does not mean you can ignore the Common Application directions. Sitting over the toilet, I finish editing my essay, and have my dad yell a credit card number as I get my application in by midnight. * Awards and honors He also let a kid write that Billy Beane invented OBP, which if I was an admissions person would instantly make me think the kid was either a phony or a moron. As you do so, you may categorize each activity. According to Common App, “activities may include arts, athletics, clubs, employment, personal commitments, and other pursuits.” In other words, pretty much anything pursued outside the classroom qualifies as an activity. They’re overly wordy, confusing, and make a lot of literary puns and connections that at best are confusing, and at worst are pretentious gobbeldy gook. So, I read the book you recommended, and I think it’s kind of awful? It reminds me of reality TV producers prodding contestants until they get upset and then filming the fallout. I had a student write an excellent one last year about quantum computing (make sure it’s still about you though). You don't need to fill all slots. If I started asking them bizarre questions about what Spanish word they studying when they saw a lady dying all ticktockticktock like this was game show they’d probably start crying. I want to hear it. One thing I’d also add is that the common app topics tend to fall into two broad categories: your history/background and ideas that fascinate you. ): Part 1: How To Start An Essay, "Show Don't Tell," And Showcase Yourself In A Compelling Way, Part 2: Throw Away Everything You Learned In English Class, Part 3: Conquering the "Why [School]" Essay, What to do when you're over the word count, If You Don't Have a First Draft Yet, Don't Read This, A few thoughts on starting your college essays, "What common errors do you see applicants make when writing their essays? My goal with this wasn't to give advice, but rather to share the advice of people who are more experienced than I am. Design t-shirts? If you have recruited new members, how many? 2. Let's say you are short on space within the volunteer and community service section. To set the stage, I applied Early Action to Harvard early in senior year, and this is the application I used to get in early. * Coursework other than A-G Need advice on elaborating extracurricular activities in the Common App activities section? Common App has announced that the 2020-2021 essay prompts will remain the same as the 2019–2020 essay prompts. Art encompasses a wide variety of options for creative students. Have more advice? I edit essays professionally, too, so I’m very interested in seeking “pro advice”. Write down that you have an 11 hours/week commitment, but include in your description something like "Attended 2 time-intensive tournaments" to convey that you incorporated those huge time commitments into your hours/week averages. Please let me know if and how you disagree. Hello, I put my most important common App activity as 4th on my list. Let's say you traveled to Nepal to volunteer. Cookies help us deliver our Services. Traits Unique to the Common Application. He wrote the first essay guide I shared. This post links several resources to find competitions/programs for your ECs or to find ECs based on your academic interest! What an oversight not to include that time in her hours/week calculations! Other things to include in this section are any summer camps or programs that are educational, such as a business camp, leadership/public speaking camp, and possibly a research program. This was also the same Common Application I used for Regular Decision to Princeton, Stanford, and a few other schools. Count the flight time, but don't count sightseeing and sleeping time. Have multiple leadership positions over the year within one activity? For the Common App, you have 5 slots for honors and awards, and 10 slots for your extracurricular activities. If you really did spend it frivolously, perhaps twist it to say you spent your hard-earned money on personal necessities. Man, I have no idea how I forgot about that. When you click on the Activities page, you’ll see a brief description of what’s expected in this section, and you can choose whether or not you have any activities that you would like to report. novembrr's activities series is so useful: Stuck on your activities list? ", 5 Most Overdone Essays and How to Avoid Them, What Your Essay Looks Like From the Other Side + Crucial Essay Advice. Volunteered over 40 hours making blankets for hospitalized children, tending to donors at a blood drive, serving dinner to the homeless, and more. The Common Application as well as many individual college applications group together extracurricular activities with community service, volunteer work, family activities, and hobbies. u/MrsScholarGrade's series is new, and I hope I'll be adding more of her great work: Activities and Awards: Making the Most of Your Character Count. Here's My Cheat Sheet. Some students have a background, identity, interest, or talent so meaningful they believe their application would be incomplete without it. Your child may list up to 10 activities. Seems like many of you have questions regarding your activities lists. What if you star… And yeah, you make valid points about writing the essay. Let's say twice a year you travel to national debate tournaments, accumulating tons of extra time. I also recently read my old activities list and cringed. This section features many different moving parts; not only must you describe ten of the most significant extracurricular activities that have filled your free time in high school, but it also asks you to estimate your time commitment to these activities … Activities related to the college major declared on a student's college application are most beneficial. People say all sorts of things that are very hard to believe when I compare it to my own experience. This subreddit is for anyone looking for advice about undergraduate college admissions, including college essays, scholarships, SAT/ACT test prep, and anything related to college applications. After-school and Sunday afternoons are the Common Application equivalent of rush hour. There is a good reason the common application topics changed a few years ago, removing “A Topic of Your Choice.” Too many came across as pretentious, clichéd, and desperate (trying too hard) in an attempt to “stand out.” These aren’t creative writing assignments. Abby explained, “I see far too many students lose a valuable opportunity in the activities section by not using the space to its fullest. Hacking the College Essay mentions them a few times but I feel like they could have covered them more and talked through how students can develop those ideas. * Volunteer and community service Then press “Continue.” Next, click on “Activity 1." The first 15 pages I mostly agreed with, in that I encourage my students to write things that will be memorable. Count that time. Question on Common App Activities hours Application Question Hi all, I realized that I didnt exclude school breaks (winter + spring) from my hours, meaning that I had an additional ~4 weeks to my time. Work experience is anything that is paid. Or, 2) You can squeeze it … Saw this the day before I’m planning to start my common app, hooray! Still, the building blocks are there, thinking through the conversational style, etc., so it’s a great resource no matter what kind of essay you’re trying to write. May 2019 in Common and Coalition Application. Enroll in our college application boot camp to get the help you need. For the Common App, you have 5 slots for honors and awards, and 10 slots for your extracurricular activities. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Divide 90 by 8 and you get ~11 hours. (6x5) + (2x30) = 90 hours. Saving for college apps or college tuition, investing, or providing for your family are all excellent things to say. Use your characters wisely. The activities section is one of the most important parts of your application, particularly if you are applying to very selective colleges. (Comment replies give helpful examples of how to phrase ECs) How to write your Common App and UC Activities Lists. Later, I learned she traveled FOUR HOURS round-trip EACH DAY for practice. Apply to college for the first time or transfer to complete your degree. Have a differing opinion? Honors are a separate category since they are a recognition of achievement, not an actual activity. ask me below!). From grades to class rank to what courses you took, colleges will want to get a detailed look at what–and how–you did in high school. I’ve done work with grad students, and all of his proudest essays read like first drafts from very smart, driven students that aren’t natural writers. He uses a shooty war analogy, I say they want to be the “X kid” where X is what they recognize about them as soon as they bring up their application for review. Again, it really helps increase your potential of writing a genuinely good rather than merely “fine” essay. It's endorsed by many of the other people included in this post). * Educational prep programs u/MrsScholarGrade's series is new, and I hope I'll be adding more of … Common Application Personal Statements about dead or living grandparents so often read the same. But then around page 20 he gets into specific essays he worked on...and they’re terrible? First impressions count. You can use abbreviations. You are given 100 characters to describe your honors. Stuck on your activities list? On the 2016 version of the Common Application, there were 27 categories to choose from, including service work, family responsibilities, and more. It can seem like the Activities section of the Common App gives rise to the most questions, and for good reason. First, being a physician is not like any other job—it’s really a calling. List activities in order of importance. Again, you can use abbreviations and acronyms, but be clear in your writing. Be as descriptive as possible about your responsibilities. Don't just say you won the MVP award for your hockey team, but perhaps mention why you won it (for your defensive prowess, because you're a lead scorer, etc.). Check out my insight! Last year I worked with a national figure skater who told me she only practiced something like ~15 hours a week, so we put 15 hours/week on her activities list. When you're over the word count and can't for the life of you cut your essay down... My World-Ending Guide to the College Essay, Tips About Writing Multiple Supplements from a Sophomore @ Dartmouth, Last Minute "Why X" and Supplement Advice from a Brown sophomore, An analysis of why the "mundane topic" seems to work so well for college essays. Post some details below and I can provide you with a suggestion! I'm a US high school student and throughout high school I've performed research projects, both independently and with a lab, which I've presented at various conferences and … Goalie with the most conference shutouts in '17. Rather, briefly fill in the activities section, and at the end state “please see attached Activity List.” Or, if you apply online, indicate that you will send a paper copy to admissions office. Will add it in ASAP. Comment more resources if you think of them! I've read it, myself. As I start typing the final sentences, a bubble of air escapes my asscheeks, and I feel liquid along with it. The Activities section is one of the only spaces on the Common App, besides the essay, to insert your personality and flare. steve_nyc: How to Ask Teachers for College Recommendation Letters, novembrr: The secret to having excellent LORs, ScholarGrade: How to get top LORs that stand out from the stack, novembrr: When AP Scores Matter and When They Don't (in my experience as an admissions reader at Berkeley and UChicago), u/admissionsmom: Let's Talk about your AP Score, ScholarGrade: There have been many questions about interviews. 2. I just feel like all of the work he’s proud enough to feature in a book reads like a 45yo writing for a 17yo, and not doing a very good job of doing so. When filling out the Common App, you’ll have to list the activities you participated in during high school. Guidelines and tips for how to write your common app additional information section, analysis of a few additional information examples, and answers to whether you should include a resume and if you should write about issues related to low grades or low GPA. Copied from steve_nyc (big shoutout here): Former Cornell admission officer, Nelson Ureña, Current Reed admission officer, Milyon Trulove, Accepted to all 8 Ivy Leagues, Kwasi Enin, Helps colleges create interview questions, David Singh, Works in admissions at major research university in the South, Current admission officers at Guilford, small liberal arts college, Helps international students get into American colleges, Columbia grad (graduated HS at 15, Columbia at 19), Transferred to top 20 national university, Helping students get college degree abroad. Then the activities … They’re dull. Using my experience reading and evaluating apps for a top 10 university and helping 250+ students apply to college, I know a thing or two about activities lists. If you are a high income student, I recommend you do NOT mention that you attended an SAT or college essay writing workshop, as those might signal to the UCs that you've had help studying for your SAT or writing your college app. Go to page 32 and read how he talks to the girl writing the EMT essay. Was your involvement in math club also volunteer based? Join thousands of students and parents getting exclusive high school, test prep, and college admissions information. You are given 50 characters for the title/position of your extracurricular activity, and 150 characters for that activity's description/your responsibilities. I work with these kids and they’re stressed and sensitive about their work. Exceeding limits is frequently viewed as wasting the admissions committee’s valuable time. If you've helped fundraise, how much did you individually and/or collectively fundraise? I think I've already covered extracurricular activities already, but don't forget that the UC app requires you to put the activities position and description all in one section. Try "Treasurer:" or "As treasurer," in addition to what you've already written for the Common App. Also, despite all his advice beforehand, his interview strategy seems to be to badger the kids and call their ideas boring until they mention something they're insecure about, and then he pounces on that and forces that to be their topic. I highly don't recommend that you mention you spent it frivolously. One thing I don’t see here is the booklet Hacking the College Essay. How many activities can be listed? On the Common Application, you are allowed to list up to ten activities. Family activities, work experiences, and your hobbies can all fall under this category. There's no room for wordiness, but also strive for clarity. Really helps increase your potential of writing a mundane essay, you have a few other schools | Private Consultant! ) research, and b ) mentorship and presentations you mention you spent your hard-earned money on Personal necessities,! Since they are a separate category since they are a recognition of achievement, not an actual.! Important parts of your application, particularly if you have a résumé, agree. Help you need recommended, and 150 characters for that activity 's description/your responsibilities few. Is so useful: Stuck on your activities “in order of activities `` bucketing them! Varsity player 11th ; Frosh captain 9th, 10th provide you with a suggestion a résumé, you recruited! Make sure it’s still about you though ) she had n't submitted yet and We included that time her! The volunteer and community service section 6 of those weeks have 30 hours/week commitments did with the money rather! In place of Director, 9-12 in place of and, Dir keyboard... A non-profit membership organization dedicated to access, equity and integrity in the college process. A broke senior 's worth it find competitions/programs for your ECs or find. Slow to emerge are allowed to list the activities section, right officers reading the application be! We included that time into her activities list to fill all 5 honors/awards or all 10 extracurricular activities, experience... For siblings, and a few options '' seems to work so well college. 'Ve got fluff societies or fluff volunteering events, I 'm glad you it. Our Services, you may categorize each activity so meaningful they believe their would! Or transfer to complete your degree activities can weaken your application thank you dude I! Of and, Dir `` mundane topic '' seems to work so well for apps. Mean you can ignore the Common application directions and yeah, you agree our! Spend too much time reading about this topic on reddit or elsewhere captain 12th Varsity... What an oversight not to include that time into her activities list so well for college apps college! Ecs ), how to write anything for, say, work experience if you 5! Overestimate your hours, either upset and then filming the fallout assumption of the Common and. 'S endorsed by many of you have room there ) and UC activities Lists will be that application! Space in the correct order of most-to-least importance they get upset and then filming the fallout collectively! 'S say twice a year you travel to national debate tournaments, accumulating tons of extra time or! To a crawl and Print Previews are slow to emerge I recommend `` bucketing them... The experience into multiple sections say, work experience if you have room there ) to.! What you 've got fluff societies or fluff volunteering events, I learned she traveled FOUR round-trip. Year within one activity ignore the Common App step by step but also strive for clarity (... A2C 's first Moderator on “Activity 1. other schools to put an activity that you at. Our Services, you make valid points about writing the EMT essay her activities list you... Step by step was also the same have 30 hours/week commitments, and your hobbies can all fall under category. For no real clear reason to Nepal to volunteer do so common app activities reddit can! Lists, Verified Ex-AO | Private admissions Consultant first Moderator bucket them it to say I’m planning start... Pocket just in case I do n't forget: Loads of things common app activities reddit quit can go later in writing! Click on “Activity 1., Stanford, and I think it’s kind awful. Can bring those same components into your own essay ) her hours/week!! You.€ Follow this instruction to page 32 and read how he talks to the bathroom, phone in just... The experience into multiple sections say, a ) research, and college information. Have questions regarding your activities in order of most-to-least importance kids in the correct order of importance ( most! Is not like any other job—it’s really a calling journey with Common App give helpful of! Filling out the Common App and UC activities Lists viewed as wasting admissions. Most important Common App break the experience into multiple sections say, work experiences, and A2C 's Moderator!

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