We have had 2 sets of friends stay at 99 Heritage hotel in the old city http://tidd.ly/20e056fb How many days are you in Chiang Mai? It is always great to find simple itineraries like this. Then wonder no more, Thai-American freelance visual … We’ve lived in Chiang Mai on and off for over 3 years. Let's speak months, days of week in Thai language. Thanks for sharing. July 22, 2020 August 11, 2020. Do you know what you want to all do & see in Chiang Mai? Hi Nina, Don’t worry Thailand is one the easiest countries to travel, it’s a great place to try a trip without a tour company. You can see most of the key cities and sights, spend time in the islands, and trekking in the north. The setting is idyllic, however, the current situation on the island is not. 3 days in Bangkok is the right amount of time for most people to explore, eat, and take in the sights. displayAdsense(adTypes.mediumRectangle, breakpoints.phone, breakpoints.tablet); If you want to go island to island the Andaman side of the country is probably where you want to be. Thanks to a number of low-cost airlines, I chose to fly from Chiang Mai to Phuket. The more up market hotels naturally charge more western prices, but generally speaking you’ll find yourself spending a few pounds on a delicious home cooked thai meal and £7 on an hours long sunset thai massage. Another island option would be Koh Samui, Koh Tao, and Koh Phangan (spelt wrong). Personally if I had two weeks in Thailand I would start with a few nights in Bangkok and then fly to Phuket on the early flight and head straight to the pier and take the ferry to Koh Phi Phi for 3 nights, then ferry to either Koh Lanta or Karbi next for another 3+/- nights, then take the ferry down to Koh Lipe for the rest of the time. Also, any other “to dos” in Chiang Mai are welcome . Plus the ferries are scenic. Try the Northern Thai favorites like Essan sausages spiced with lemongrass and chilies, Khao Soi a spicy soup with crispy fried noodles, and much more. I personally would catch a flight to Phuket (not staying in Phuket) and the island hop down the Andaman coast to Phi Phi, Krabi, Lanta, and Lipe if the ferries are running that far down. Subscribe to our newsletter and keep up to date with our latest posts, straight to your I am surprised. I think 3 destinations is good for that amount of time. month's name is sometimes dropped though. We're sorry, an error occured. Don’t Miss:  The weekend night markets on Saturday and Sunday nights. November is the end of the rainy season and while there are some lingering storms it shouldn’t have a huge impact on your trip, however, each year is different. So it comes down to what you want to see or do. Found your blog while trying to research our honeymoon for Argentina and we totally changed our minds to thailand. multiple blogs have told me to stay away from Phuket what would you suggest we do and can you recommend a place to stay. Excellent southern Thai dishes and seafood. Thailand isn’t my next stop but it is somewhere I know I will get to one of these days and will be saving this. However our wedding is at the end of May, and we would like to go on the honeymoon right after, which would be right at the beginning of the rainy season. Our 3 weeks itinerary takes you through all of the country, not just a focus on the south or the north and you will see a slight variation in price. Don’t miss: – Ride in a Tuk Tuk, the colorful three-wheeled local taxi for a uniquely Bangkok experience – Walkthrough Bangkok’s red-light district at night, Off the beaten path: – Check out the Pak Khlong Talat flower market outside of China-Town – Head to a quiet and cheap rooftop to watch the sunset over the city, our favorite Red Sky. For a less visited, and possibly the most beautiful island in Thailand, headway down south for crystal clear waters of Koh Lipe. Lots of street food vendors have the chilis at the table and you add them yourself. Thailand is a beautiful and wonderful place that has options for everyone. We also get a lot of questions from people who are planning their two weeks in Thailand. If you are templed out I would skip it for another time. It is a 90 min flight from BKK to Chiang Mai and usually under $40 on Thai, Air Asia, or Smile. I would then rent a private longtail when you are in Koh Lipe for a day or two, they are usually under 1500 baht a day (under $50 USD). Made famous from the 1990’s movie ‘The Beach’, the island is next to the movie’s filming location. think? Ferry is the best way to Phi Phi from Krabi. These days it caters to all kinds of travellers. The names of the months of the year in Thai are long, very different from Note that you are traveling during monsoon season so the ferries will not be running to the islands and it may be rainy. Bangkok is my favourite city in the world – atmosphere is electric! Instead of taking the long boat ride back up the islands I would either take the ferry to Langkawi and fly back to Bangkok from there or take the ferry back to Pak Bara pier and fly back to Bangkok from Hat Yai airport. I love Koh Lanta myself. Ohhhhhhh! Two weeks in a hotel room: Experiences from Thailand’s ASQ Quarantine. Founder: “Mind Your Language Thailand” and “2 Weeks To Speak Intensive Language Courses” Year of Experience: 21 years Mother Tongue: Thai Languages: Thai, English and Laos Method: T.M.C. Bangkok is one of those cities that seem to divide opinion. Haven’t been to Koh Lanta ourselves yet, there are so many Koh’s to explore! after the planets. What part of Thailand are you visiting? Because being able to read and speak Thai will change your day to day life in ways you can’t imagine. Thailand is a long flight from the western world and two weeks in Thailand is a great amount of time to experience some of what this great country has to offer. The country is relatively small, so you can easily visit three regions during your two weeks. Any suggestions. In a similar fashion, the names of the months in Thai are named after signs of the Zodiac. Most islands take about a day’s travel from the mainland so plan accordingly when outlining your two weeks in Thailand. pan , which means "the tying of...". Hi! Your blog is great & very informative ! There are conservation efforts in place to keep the beaches clean and they seem to be working. We have helped plan many trips to Thailand. We just traveled in January and just about got rained out while on the islands – which normally shouldn’t happen in Thailand, but weather patterns are changing slightly and even dry seasons around the world can be less predictable. After the hustle and bustle of Bangkok, hop on a quick flight down south to relax on some of the world’s most beautiful beaches. After some research and talking with people, we had decided on roughly this same itinerary. *, Related Article: Must-Know Thailand Travel Tips. If it’s going to rain it might rain on either side during that time of the year. We have flights booked to fly into/ out of Surat Thani but nothing else really planned. I was thinking maybe somewhere in Phuket and just do island tours? I love this thanks for sharing. Make sure you plan properly for Koh Phangan it can get quite full around the full moon, personally, I would avoid this island during the party, it’s a mess. To get to Koh Phi Phi take a flight from Thailand to Phuket or Krabi, and then a ferry from there. Whether you want to relax on the beach, trek in the mountains, party the night away, escape the tourist trail or learn Thai cooking, Muay Thai or Yoga – Thailand has something for everyone! To really see the most of this country, you have to stretch your holidays for a few weeks at least. Any direction you could provide? I ‘ve read so much about Chiang Mai but i don’t want to rush and waist my days travelling. พันธ์ Koh samui doesn’t seem to have good weather during November. An escape to the world-famous Thai islands on the south is inevitable and is the best place to relax before ending your trip. As long as you know that there is a chance for rain in May and plan some activities to fit you should still be able to have a great trip to Thailand. With three to four weeks you can make a great itinerary for Thailand. Let us know if you have any other questions for traveling Thailand. Is Koh Tao really a dangerous place to include in my itinerary to Thailand? Will finally be making it to Southeast Asia later this year in Bali. Obviously there is a host of other attractions that you could add, but 3 weeks in Thailand is undoubtedly a good start. It’s in no way authentically Thai but it’s an entertaining (and easy) place to stay. I think Koh Lanta is the best bet out of the 3 islands you listed. In that area eat at: The Cat House and Lemongrass! You can easily book tickets and plan the rest of your trip there, but stay a street or two away from Khao San Road to avoid the noise. It’s a must for any trip and a great stop for two weeks in Thailand. I am also traveling the same dates as you guys are for your trip to Thailand. We are 3 adventurous 50-something year old girls who love adventure, culture and beauty and we’d like to get a nice sampling of what Thailand has to offer but are looking forward to the islands and beaches the most! Every April 13-15th the city turns into the world’s largest squirt gunfight! 1 How to spend 2 weeks in Thailand. I love the boutique vibe. Bangkok has two airports BKK (international) and DMK (regional / Airasia). Thailand has over 300 islands and you are sure to find a few to your liking. displayAdsense(adTypes.largeRectangle, breakpoints.tablet); Let us know if you have any other Thailand itinerary questions. The island’s large draw and limited space can be a let down if you are expecting the undiscovered beach from the movie. At night, explore the lively Sukhumvit area of town or head to Khao San Road for a taste of Bangkok’s international party scene. pan. By using this Hello, I have been planning our trip for several months now and one part yet remains to be a mystery! Certain cities, regions, sights and activities just have to be visited! Soldier to complete Royal Thai Army’s Ranger School By webfact , Thursday at 09:46 PM in Thailand News We wrote this 2 weeks in Thailand article as a 2-week plan for those traveling to Thailand for 2 weeks. after. Make sure to find the ornately decorated Grand Palace and the beautiful Wat Pho. It covers a little bit of everything – a good mix of cities, culture, history, nature and the beautiful Thai beaches. For the perfect two weeks in Thailand to suit your traveller personality, check out our 2-week Thailand itineraries! In general, I would avoid beach towns on the mainland or large islands like Phuket. Unfortunately, my trip is backwards. Earning the Royal Thai Army Ranger Badge is a grueling effort, but high attrition rates are unusual for the course. Teaching Methods Teaching Style: Super dynamic Stay in Phuket for 4 nights (14-18) and then Krabi for another 3 or four nights (18-22). There’s no single city you have to base yourself out of, and with so many fantastic options, you … It’s easy to arrange transport between the airports, but can take 1-2 hours depending on Bangkok traffic so build that into your schedule if needed. Great itinerary!I think this would be a good mix of beaches and relaxation AND culture. Most people report you can learn to read Thai on your own within a few weeks. thanks for the great info (I’m still overwhelmed!) 2 Weeks in Thailand. Enjoy your honeymoon! What would you add for a 3 week trip? Here’s where I’m stuck. In Chiang Mai you may notice it is burning season where they burn the fields and there is a haze on some days. There’s no single city you have to base yourself out of, and with so many fantastic options, you will need to do a multi-city trip. This saved me a lot of time given the fact that I only had two weeks in Thailand. The city of Chiang Mai is markedly different than the rest of Thailand. 3 nights in Bangkok is perfect, make sure to check out our 3 Days in Bangkok guide https://www.gettingstamped.com/3-days-in-bangkok/ and our where to stay in Bangkok guide. We have lived in Chiang Mai on and off for 2 years, we love the city BUT never did the touristy things. Please try again later. The Thai word for Thursday is … The island is one of our favorite places in the world to date. Related Article: Complete Guide Where To Stay in Bangkok. If you are set of going to Samui I wouldn’t let the rain deter you. On the plus side everywhere will be much less busy and the prices lower. We have heard great things about Koh Lanta, so some day we will venture there. You've succesfully subscribed to our newsletter. Home to over 300 temples, we’ve trimmed it down to our top 10 temples in Chiang Mai. Our Thai lessons focus on “realistic Thai”, meaning sentences and usage that will make you sound like an actual Thai person rather than a … I love all of your blogs but I am really concerned about transportation from place to place especially with our belongings. If you have 3 weeks, then follow the sections on Bangkok and northern Thailand, but then pick either the Andaman or the Gulf Coast for your last week on the beaches and islands. So this feels like a good time to tell you what the Thai ASQ programme is like, what to expect, and how my notoriously flighty persona deals with being alone in a room almost 24/7.
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