About Us | Disclaimer | Privacy Policy | Terms of Use | Advertise Here | Feedback | Newsletters | Recommend Us | Contact Us | Site Map, Copyright (c) 2021 goldenchennai.com, All Rights Reserved. On the Google maps, just search for “Madhugiri Fort Entrance, KSRTC Bus Stand Road, Madhugiri, Karnataka 572132“. Many tourists visit Madhugiri to visit […] Madhugiri STD code number helps you to directly dial out of area or long distance calls without the help of an operator. 91 is the country code of India. represents Madhugiri post office in Tumkur revenue district which comes under the Karnataka postal circle of South Karnataka region. Madhugiri Directions {{::location.tagLine.value.text}} Sponsored Topics. Get Pin Code or postal code of villages/Locality of Madhugiri Tumakuru. STD code of Madhugiri. This basic information is very necessary when you are new to the place or visiting for the first time. It is essential for all of us to have the STD code list to track the call or to make outstation calls. The ruined temple of Gopalakrishna is located at the top. Find Madhugiri Tumakuru Karnataka Pin Code List in India. Having the correct code is essential to your mails delivery. Here are some STD code details for Karnataka STD codes. Locate the correct postal codes for Madhugiri in the list above by choosing the destination city or town you are sending to. Madhugiri Std code locator is a search engine to find out the STD codes of India. Help. References made to third parties are based on information obtained from sources believed to be reliable but are not guaranteed as being accurate. 08137 is the STD code for Madhugiri which is not required while calling mobile networks in India. 91 is the country code of India. STD stands for Subscriber Trunk Dialing. Get directions, maps, and traffic for Madhugiri, Karnataka. © Tumakuru District , Developed and hosted by National Informatics Centre, Ministry of Electronics & Information Technology, Government of India. This PinCode system for identifying postal region by using unique code called, PinCode The southern railway system connects Bangalore and Madhugiri. If you are in United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Singapore, Malaysia, or any other country in the world, you can call Madhugiri mobiles by simply dialing +91 before the 10 digit mobile number. The name of the hotel at the KSRTC bus stand, Madhugiri is “Pavan Hotel”. We have taken utmost care to include every valid STD codes of Indian cities. 572132. It lies at an altitude of 3,930 feet and is becoming a famous destination for trekking from Bangalore. It is accepted by the site visitor on the condition that errors or omissions shall not be made the basis for any claim, demand or cause for action. Stdcodesin.com is an extremely user friendly and useful tool which assists you in searching STD code of Madhugiri. 2- digit numbers. Madhugiri is famous for a hill which is the second largest monolithic rock hill in Asia after Savandurga. Instead of going through a huge pile of codes in the dictionary to find out the desired STD number select your state and city and simplify your search. Its message is "not implemented". At 3,930 ft (1,200 m) elevation, Madhugiri is a single hill. Powered by Golden Chennai Media. The city or town or village with the STD code "08137" is Madhugiri. In India, there are 2646 STD Codes under 22 Circles. India has a huge telecommunication network. STD - Subscriber Trunk Dailing. A series of doorways leads to the hill. Check flight prices and hotel availability for your visit. Find Pin Code of Madhugiri in Tumakuru Karnataka, India. The PinCode is 6 digits long. While calling from one city to another in India, STD codes need to be affixed before the telephone number. STD or 'Subscriber Trunk Dialing' codes are designed to dial long distance calls with out any operator assistance. India has a huge telecommunication network. If you are dialing a landline number of C N Halli from outside of India then you need to add +91 OR 091 (the country code) followed by 8133 and then the phone number. and Landline No. The STD Code for Madhugiri is 08137. 8137 is the area code of Madhugiri. If you find any errors or wish to share your feedback kindly report them to stdcodesin.com@gmail.com. You can find STD codes from among 15000+ places in India over here. 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>>Hullahalli >>Hullekere >>Hullekere(Tmr) >>Hullur >>Hullur(Bjp) >>Hulsur >>Hulsurkhed >>Hulyal >>Humcha >>Humnabad >>Hunashyal >>Hundipura >>Hungenapalli >>Hungund >>Hunsagi >>Hunsemuki >>Hunsgatta >>Hunshettikoppa >>Hunsikatti >>Hunsur >>Hupla >>Hura >>Hurahatti >>Hushigeri >>Huthur >>Huvinahadagli >>I D Halli >>Ibrahimpatnam >>Ibrahimpur >>Ibrahimpur >>Idagundi >>Idagur >>Igoor >>Ijeri >>Ilkal >>Inamhanchinal >>Inamhongal >>Inchagiri >>Inchal >>Indalvadi >>Indargi >>Indi >>Induavalli >>Ingaleshwar >>Ingalgeri >>Ingalgi >>Ingli >>Inna >>Ira >>Iragampalli >>Irakasandra >>Irde >>Irkalgad >>Iswarmangala >>Itagi >>Itagi >>Itgi >>Ittagi >>Ivaranadu >>J N Kote >>J V S L Township(T) >>Jade >>Jadkal >>Jagalur >>Jagara >>Jahalagera >>Jajur >>Jalamangala >>Jalhalli >>Jalihal Camp >>Jallapur >>Jalsoor >>Jalwad >>Jamboti >>Jamkhandi >>Janewaola >>Jangamakote >>Janmane >>Jarikatte >>Jathawara >>Javagal >>Javagundanahalli >>Jawalgera >>Jayapura >>Jeevangi >>Jeni >>Jennady >>Jewargi >>Jewargi B 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>>Lingumpali >>Linnngadhalli >>Lohagaon >>Lokapur >>Lokikere >>Lokkanahalli >>Londa >>Loni >>Lukkeri >>Lungadahalli >>M C Halli >>M Hipparga >>M K Hubli >>M L Halli >>M M Hills >>M N Kote >>M Vandipura >>M.Kenchana Halli >>Mache >>Machenahalli >>Machenahalli >>Machenahalli >>Madadakere >>Madakatti >>Madalli >>Madanageri >>Madanalli >>Madanbhavi >>Madapady >>Madapur >>Madapura >>Madarki >>Madavu >>Madderi >>Maddrahalli >>Maddur >>Madenadu >>Madhabhavi >>Madhugiri >>Madhure >>Madigunj >>Madihalli >>Madikeri >>Madugiri >>Madyal >>Magadi >>Magala >>Magedi >>Magod >>Magodh >>Mahagaon >>Mahalingapur >>Maharajpet >>Mahedevapura >>Maheswaram >>Maidur >>Maigur >>Mailawar >>Mainhalli >>Majali >>Makanhalli >>Makanpur >>Makkandur >>Malabad >>Malapur >>Malavalli >>Malavalli >>Malaya Binnur >>Maldare >>Malgi >>Malkhed >>Malladihalli >>Mallandur >>Mallapur >>Mallasandra >>Mallat >>Mallavali >>Mallekavu >>Mallenahalli >>Malleswara >>Malli >>Mallipatna >>Mallur >>Malpe >>Malur >>Mamalapur >>Mamdapur >>Mamidipalle >>Manahalli >>Manchi >>Manchikere >>Mandagadde >>Mandagere >>Mandapur >>Mandapura >>Mandarthi >>Mandekolu >>Mandewal >>Mandihalli >>Mandikal >>Mandoli >>Mandoor >>Mandya >>Mangala >>Mangalahada >>Mangalgi >>Mangalore(Rcr) >>Mangasuli >>Manglore >>Mangur >>Mani >>Maninalkur >>Manipal >>Manjori >>Manjuguni >>Manki >>Manna E Kheli >>Manneguda >>Manoi >>Manoli >>Manthur >>Manthur(Chikmng) >>Manvi >>Maradihalli >>Maragodu >>Marammanahalli >>Marasandra >>Marashettihalli >>Maravanthe >>Margutti >>Marikatti >>Markanje >>Markanje >>Marlakunte >>Marlanhalli >>Marle >>Marpalli >>Marsur >>Masabinal >>Masaguppi >>Masali R K >>Masarkal >>Mashal >>Mashal(Karajagi) >>Masige >>Maski >>Masthi >>Masthikatte >>Masur >>Masur >>Masuti >>Mathi >>Mathigahatta >>Mathimane >>Mathodu >>Matmari >>Mattanvile >>Mattigatta >>Mattihalli >>Mattor >>Mavali >>Mavinahalli >>Mavinakatte >>Mavinakere >>Mavinakurve >>Mavinkere >>Mayakonda >>Mayamudi >>Mayasandra >>Medakeshwar >>Medchal >>Medcity >>Medleri >>Medugondanahalli >>Megaravalli >>Meghalapur >>Mehkar >>Melige >>Melkote >>Melpal >>Melvanki >>Melya >>Mercara >>Merchtal >>Metgud >>Metikurke >>Metri >>Midigeshi >>Mijar >>Mincheri >>Miriyan >>Mirle >>Mishrikoti >>Mittemari >>Moinabad >>Moka >>Mokamahally >>Molakalmur >>Mole >>Moodbiori >>Moodkani >>Moodubelle >>Morab >>Morambi >>Morigere >>Morkhandi >>Mortagi >>Mosalehosahalli >>Motaganahalli >>Mothergaon >>Muchalamb >>Muchandi >>Mudabi >>Mudakavi >>Mudalahippe >>Mudalgi >>Mudbole >>Muddaballi >>Muddapur >>Muddelbihal >>Mudgal >>Mudhol >>Mudhol >>Mudhol(B) >>Mudigere >>Mudikadu >>Mudkani >>Mudnoor >>Mudoor >>Mudubella >>Muduwadi >>Mugad >>Mugalalli >>Mugalangaon >>Mugalkhod >>Mugalkhod >>Muganur >>Mugulavalli >>Mugur >>Mulagund >>Mulbagal >>Mulky >>Mullanayakanakall >>Mulwad >>Mulwad >>Mundaje >>Mundargi >>Mundargi >>Mundoor >>Munglimane >>Mungod >>Munirabad >>Muniyal >>Munnor >>Murdeshwar >>Murki >>Murnad >>Muroor >>Murugamalla >>Murukwad >>Mushigeri >>Mustur >>Mustur >>Muthinakoppa >>Muthur(My) >>Muthusandra >>Muttagi >>Muttagi >>Mylapur >>Mylarapatna >>Mysore >>N Begur >>N G Halli >>N Voddahalli >>Naboklu >>Nadpal >>Nagamangala >>Naganoor(Gulbarga) >>Naganur(Gokak) >>Nagara >>Nagardere >>Nagarhal >>Nagasamudra >>Nagasandra >>Nagathi Basapura >>Nagenahalli >>Nagethan >>Nagevalli >>Nagnur >>Nagnur >>Nakre >>Nalatwadi >>Nalkeri >>Nalkudre >>Nalkunda >>Nallat >>Nallur >>Nalwar >>Nambihalli >>Nanadikal >>Nandagad >>Nandagaon >>Nandanahosahalli >>Nandawadagi >>Nandibevoor >>Nandihills >>Nandikurli >>Nandinathpura >>Nandivargam >>Nandivillage >>Nangli >>Nanikatta >>Nanjangud >>Nanthoor >>Nanwal >>Naraganahalli >>Naragund >>Narapally >>Narasandra >>Narasapur >>Narasingharajapur >>Narayanaghatta >>Narayanpur >>Narayanpura >>Naregal >>Naregal >>Narendra >>Naribole >>Narsalgi >>Narsapur >>Narsingi >>Nasalamdiki >>Naualagi >>Naubad >>Navalagund >>Navali >>Navanagar >>Nayakanahatti >>Neelagunda >>Neelgund >>Neermanvi >>Negalur >>Negawade >>Neginahal >>Nelamangla >>Nelhal >>Nelligudde >>Nellur >>Nelogi >>Nelyadi >>Nemmar >>Neriga >>Neriya >>Nerli >>Nerlige >>Nermarga >>Nesargi >>Nettamma >>Nidagundi >>Niddodi >>Nidle >>Nidoni >>Nidshoshi >>Niduvani >>Nigadi >>Nijjbalthala >>Nimbal >>Nimbalgeri >>Nimbarga >>Ninglaj >>Nippani >>Niralgunte >>Nirgudi >>Nirma >>Nirnahalli >>Nitte >>Nittur >>Nittur >>Nittur(Bdr) >>Nittur(Bl) >>Nittur(Hsn) >>Nittur(Smo) >>Nonavinkere >>Nootway >>Norway(Hsn) >>Novavinakere >>Nuggehalli >>Nugur >>Nyamthi >>O Mittur >>Oaodaballapur >>Obalapur >>Odeyarpalya >>Othihal >>P N Halli >>Pachapur >>Padangady >>Padasavali >>Padavu >>Padubiori >>Padukere >>Paduvalehippe >>Pagadadinni >>Pala >>Palapady >>Paldka >>Palechakra >>Palli >>Palya >>Palya(My) >>Palyakere >>Panaje >>Panambur >>Panchavalli >>Pandaravalli >>Pandavapura >>Pandeshwar >>Pandithahalli >>Panemangalore >>Paniyur >>Panja >>Pannasamundra >>Papathimanahalli >>Papinayakanahalli >>Paramanda Wadi >>Parane >>Parashurampura >>Paratageri >>Parhatbad >>Parigi 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>>Sawalgi >>Sedam >>Sevagiri >>Seventh Mile Camp >>Shahabad >>Shahapur >>Shailapura >>Shakthinagar >>Shambur >>Shameerpet >>Shamshabad >>Shanivarsanthe >>Shankaratti >>Shankarghatta >>Shankarnarayan >>Shankarnarayana >>Shankarpally >>Shankarpura >>Shanthigodu >>Shantibhavan >>Shantigrama >>Shanuvally >>Shapur >>Sheganshi >>Shelwadi >>Shettikere >>Shettikoppa >>Shidgalgatta >>Shiggaon >>Shigli >>Shikaripur >>Shimoga >>Shipur >>Shiragaon >>Shirahatti >>Shirahatti(Bm) >>Shirali >>Shiralkoppa >>Shiravanthe >>Shirguppi >>Shiriyara >>Shirol >>Shirthady >>Shirur >>Shirva >>Shishila >>Shitakallu >>Shivanagi >>Shivanasamudra >>Shivani R S >>Shivapura >>Shorapur >>Shravanabelagola >>Shravandanahalli >>Shukrawarsanthe >>Siddagatta >>Siddanahalli >>Siddapur >>Siddapur >>Siddapur(Bjp) >>Siddapur(Nrgd) >>Siddapura >>Siddar >>Siddaramutt >>Sikarabad >>Sindageri >>Sindagi >>Sindhaghatta >>Sindhnoor >>Sindol >>Singanellur >>Singargere >>Sira >>Siraguppa >>Siregere(Bl) >>Sirguppi >>Sirigere(S) >>Sirigeri >>Sirivase >>Sirsangi >>Sirsi >>Sirwar >>Sogi >>Sokke >>Sokke >>Sollapura >>Somalapur >>Somanahalli >>Somanahalli >>Somasamudra >>Somayajahalli >>Somwarpet >>Sonale >>Sondikoppa >>Sonna >>Sonth >>Soraba >>Soranabu >>Soratur >>Sornad >>Soundalga >>Sowlanga >>Speedargadda >>Sri Rampura >>Srimandal >>Srimangala >>Srinageri >>Srinivasapura >>Srinivasapura >>Sripuram Jn >>Sriramnagar >>Srirangapatnam >>Subramanya >>Suda >>Sudi >>Sugatur >>Sugavi >>Suggenahalli >>Suggenahalli >>Sugur >>Sulebedh >>Sulebhavi >>Sullali >>Sullia >>Sullikere >>Sultanpur >>Sundarpalaya >>Sunkasade >>Sunkotnur >>Sunnadakoppa >>Suntikoppa >>Suranagi >>Suranagi >>Surapura >>Surathkal >>Sureban >>Sutaghatti >>Sutagundur >>Sutta >>Suttur >>Swarnagade >>T B Circle >>T Belgur >>T H Halli >>T Mahadevapur >>T N Kote >>T Narsipur >>T Sheegehalli >>Taccode >>Tadavalaga >>Taddalse >>Tadkal >>Tagadur >>Tajpur >>Tajsultanpur >>Takkalki >>Takkod >>Talaguppa >>Talakadu >>Talale >>Talamadagi >>Talamari >>Talghatapura 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