16 comments. The National Transportation Safety Board determined during a public board meeting held Tuesday that Atlas Air flight 3591 crashed in Trinity Bay, Texas, because of the first officer’s inappropriate response to an inadvertent activation of the airplane’s go-around mode, resulting in his spatial disorientation that led him to place the airplane in a steep descent from which the crew did not … If you love the show and want more, visit my Patreon page to see fun videos, breaking news, and other posts in the Posts section. , Houston, Texas. save hide report. [12]:ix Established procedures called for the pilot monitoring (the captain) to immediately disengage the autopilot and autothrottle and call out changes in altitude and airspeed in a suspected stall, but neither pilot did so;[12]:vii,27 while the first officer's flight control inputs were aggressive enough to override the autopilot,[12]:20 investigators concluded that the captain was distracted performing other tasks and had failed to monitor the aircraft's performance. Call me if you're thinking of buying a new Cirrus SR20 or SR22. Atlas Air and Amazon face lawsuit over tragic B767 accident 24 / 09 / 2019 . Pilots with limited instrument flight proficiency have a well-documented tendency to disregard flight instruments and act instinctively in reaction to this illusion. Trinity Bay, Texas 2/23/19 ... Best Pilots in the World Storm Ciara Crosswind landings and Takeoffs and Go-around Extreme Weather - … The flight was normal until the 767 suddenly plummeted from 6,000 feet into a bay near Houston. [12], First officer Aska had also experienced training difficulties with Atlas Air, more so than Blakely. [42] His first issues were reported the same month he joined Atlas Air, when he was declined oral exam for his type rating on the 767 as he needed remediation training. [12][16] Despite Blakely's improvements, Atlas Air placed him in the pilot proficiency watch program (PWP) due to his training issues. 156 Atlas Air Crash Flight 3591 Explained & What GA Pilots Can Learn from It. The captain was Ricky Blakely, who had worked for Atlas Air since September 2015. [7] In August 2018, Amazon named two aircraft in its fleet, including N1217A as CustomAir Obsession. [6] In 1997, it was transferred to LAN Airlines and flew for 19 years before being stored in January 2016. Yes, we’ll make a couple of dollars if you do. Moments later, the first officer made nose-down flight control inputs for stall recovery, but the aircraft's stall warning systems had not actuated and FDR data was inconsistent with an aircraft in a stalled condition. [12]:2 The NTSB concluded that the first officer most likely struck the go-around switch accidentally with his left wrist or his wristwatch while manipulating the nearby speedbrake lever and that neither pilot realized that the aircraft's automated flight mode had been changed. The event started when the First Officer accidentally engaged GA mode. Call me if you’re thinking of buying a new Cirrus SR20 or SR22. On February 23rd, 2019, the three crew members aboard Atlas Air flight 3591 lost their lives in a tragic accident. Some of the debris had the Amazon logo visible. "[11][37], On December 19, 2019, the NTSB released a public docket containing over 3,000 pages of factual information it had collected during the investigation, with a final report to follow at an unspecified later date. though he did not state any issues regarding training. Atlas Air 3591 departed Miami at 10:33 CST (11:33 EST), with first officer Aska as the pilot flying and captain Blakely monitoring the controls. Two pilots were at the helm of Atlas Air Flight 3591, which it crashed on February 23 in Houston, Texas. Following the training, Aska passed the oral exam. [12]:3–4, First officer Aska joined Atlas Air on July 3, 2017 and received his type rating on the Boeing 767 two months later. The Boeing … [9] The aircraft had accumulated more than 91,000 hours over 23,300 flights[10][11][12] and was powered by two GE CF6-80 turbofan engines. Experience at Atlas Air had become so insufficient that a catastrophe seemed unavoidable, a pilot said in 2017. That flight was carrying Amazon and US Postal Service cargo, and was contracted by Amazon. The last transmission sent the aircraft was a warning of heavy rain en route to the airport. 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Contributing to the accident was the captain's failure to adequately monitor the airplane's flightpath and assume positive control of the airplane to effectively intervene. [20], The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) issued an alert after radar and radio contact was lost around 30 miles (50 km) southeast of its destination. Investigators called the … [12]:42–43, The NTSB concluded that the aircraft was likely flying in IMC without the ground visible when the go-around mode was actuated,[12]:41 and the first officer most likely experienced a pitch-up or head-up somatogravic illusion, the false sensation that one is tilting backwards during unexpected forward acceleration in the absence of visible landmarks. 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USER_MINI_PROFILE. 156 Atlas Air Crash Flight 3591 Explained & What GA Pilots Can Learn from It. On October 31, 2015, Blakely was declared unfit for a checkride due to unsatisfactory remarks on his training which included the following:[12]:4, Blakely underwent remedial training the next day on November 1, this time with satisfactory results. The day after, he had his 767 checkride, and received his type rating on the aircraft two days later. Max Trescott’s 156 Atlas Air Crash, Flight 3591 explained and what GA pilots can Learn from It. [5], The Boeing 767-375ER(BCF) (MSN 25865/430) aircraft was registered N1217A and was nearly 27 years old at the time of the accident, having been built in 1992. [44], On September 9, 2019, the family of first officer Conrad Jules Aska filed a wrongful death lawsuit against Amazon and Atlas Air, citing improper training and negligence.[45]. Max plays clips from the 4-hour NTSB Board meeting on the Atlas Air crash. Check out our recommended ADS-B receivers, and order one for yourself. [19] At 12:39:03.9 CST (1839:03.9 UTC), the time the CVR recorded ended, Flight 3591 crashed into the north end of Trinity Bay at Jack's Pocket. The Atlas Air 767 that plummeted into the wetlands short of a Houston airport in February was under a control tug-of-war between crew members prior to impact. [12], Aska's first checkride on the aircraft ended in failure due to poor crew resource management (CRM) and improper controlling of the aircraft. The National Transportation Safety Board is looking for clues in the cause of the crash of Atlas Air Flight 3591, operating for Amazon. [12]:5[16], Both pilots had previous experience in landing at George Bush Intercontinental Airport.[16]. Later that same day the statement was changed to "...in response to nose-down elevator deflection. the NTSB determined during a public board meeting held on July 14, that the flight crashed because of the first officer’s inappropriate response to an inadvertent activation of the airplane's go-around mode, resulting in his spatial disorientation that led him to place the airplane in a steep descent from which the crew did not recover. And if you decide to make a small donation each month,  you can get some goodies! Maneuvering in daytime instrument meteorological conditions (IMC), the Boeing 767 began its final approach into George Bush Houston Intercontinental Airport (KIAH). Shannon Ricks (43), an Atlas Air 767 captain who had flown with Aska described him as a "nice guy" and "definitely in the top half of the people I've flown with." The National Transportation Safety Board heard testimony Tuesday on the cause of the crash of Atlas Air Flight 3591 on February 23, 2019. [12]:5 Atlas Air had to restart full-flight simulator training for Aska due to unavailable seat support. It was originally ordered by Canadian Airlines, but first placed into service by China Southern Airlines through GPA, an aircraft leasing company. Fan since Season 14. [citation needed], The water varies in depth from zero to five feet (1.5 m) deep and is partially mud marsh. The accident occurred near Anahuac, Texas, east of Houston, shortly before 12:45 CST (18:45 UTC). Two years later, three pilots were killed in a crash. [14] Captain Ricky Blakely of Indiana (60), First Officer Conrad Jules Aska of Antigua (44), and Mesa Airlines Captain Sean Archuleta of Houston (36; a jumpseater aboard the flight), who was in his final week of employment at Mesa Airlines, and was traveling home before beginning new-hire pilot training with United Airlines, scheduled for the following week. This photo, taken on March 3, 2019, shows the recovered flight data recorder of the Atlas Air Flight 3591, a Boeing 767-300 cargo jet, that crashed in the muddy marshland of Trinity Bay Feb. 23, 2019, about 30 miles from Houston's George Bush Intercontinental Airport. Strong the world over, we are a global leader in outsourced aviation providing cargo, charter, leasing, and passenger operations. His examiner described him as stressed and lacking situational awareness. 24. THS214. [36], After listening to the cockpit voice recorder the NTSB stated that "Crew communications consistent with a loss of control of the aircraft began approximately 18 seconds prior to the end of the recording. The flight crew was unaware of this until 12:38:40.3 when the following was heard on the CVR: The accident aircraft made a sharp turn south before going into a rapid descent. There was no distress call. Le 23 février 2019, à 12 h 39, heure normale du Centre, le vol Atlas Air 3591, un Boeing 767-375BCF, N1217A, est entré dans une descente rapide à partir de 6000 pieds et a percuté une zone de baie marécageuse à environ 40 miles au sud-est de l’aéroport intercontinental George Bush (KIAH). The controller accepted though advised the crew to expedite their descent to 3,000 feet (910 m) and said, "I'm gunna get ya west of this weather and northbound for a baseleg." [12]:5 Blakely logged a total of 11,172 flight hours, including 1,252 hours on the Boeing 767. Atlas a « confirmé que le vol n° 3591, un Atlas Air 767 opérant entre Miami et Houston a été impliqué dans un accident cet après-midi. Your Cirrus Specialist. The Atlas Air Flight 3591 claimed the lives of Captain Ricky Blakely, co-pilot Conrad Jules Aska, and Sean Archuleta, a pilot from another airline in February.